Lo Duca Bros. Story

Ever since I can remember, wine has been a part of Lo Duca family life. My brother, sister, and cousins all learned to respect and appreciate my grandfather’s passion for growing grapes and of my family’s “love affair” with Italian food and Italian wine. 

As a  boy I would help my dad make wine in our family’s wine cellar, while upstairs from my mother’s kitchen the fragrance of spaghetti sauce on the stove seemed to saturate the very walls of our home.

Dad took his family to Italy on his business trips many times when we were growing up and we stayed in Italy all summer. It was on those trips that I was introduced to the natural beauty of Italy, the language, the charm of its people, it historical achievements, its rich artistic culture and of course, those magnificent vineyards that produce more wine than any other country in the world.

From the finest producers in various regions of Italy, Lo Duca Bros. specifically has chosen to work with small family owned vineyards. The outstanding custom premium Italian red and white wines we have selected to import into the United States market are featured here.

Interesting new wines are found and added to this Lo Duca collection each year. For the price, these are among the very best wines of Italy that I have ever tasted.

From these selections it is my hope that there are wines to suit your personal tastes and that you enjoy drinking these fine wines as much as I do.



Jim Lo Duca


Lo Duca Bros.Inc.