Bosco Montepulciano

Bosco Montepulciano D' Abruzzo 88 Wine Enthusiast, Silver Medal Decanter current vintage. Smooth and silky Montepulciano grape spending 1 year in Italian Oak and 2 years rotating in the bottle. Cherry and bright velvet with a slight peppery leather finish. Amazing with brazed meats or sliced Parmasan cheese.
Manufacturer: LoDuca Brothers
UPC: 013148044539


From the native Montepulciano grape comes Montepulciano D' Abruzzo.  An exceptional red wine of irresisteble character.  Full bodied and robust with a capacity to age, yet with such supple smoothness that it can be eminently drinkable.  This brilliant wine is produced in central Italy. Production of this lively, noble, red wine now accounts ofr about 75% of the region's total prduction.  Montepulciano is now ranked among Italy's top ten selling D.O.C. wines. 

Abruzzi is a major producer of wine with volumes that exceed those of the entire nations of Austria, Chile, Hungary or Greece.  The Adriatic Sea and the highest peaks of the Apennines in the Gran Sasso range near the regional capital of L'Aquila provide optimal slope and minerality for Montepulciano grape growth.  Montepulciano combines robust power with finesse in wines that have been winning increasing praise from the critics.

A dry, rich, robust medium bodied wine with flavors of Cherry and cedar with a smoothness reminiscent of the fine Montepulciano grapes used to make it.

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