Chianti Wicker Basket 1.5L

Italian 'Fiaschi' bottle. Tuscan chianti. Vinted and bottled 60 miles east of Sienna. Classic vintage bottle package of Chianti from the Dean Martin days. Burn a candle in it, or hang it in the kitchen with Italian herbs and spices. Fermented 6 months in steal and finished in 6 months of oak. Deep cherries with a velvety finish. A must have for an Italian dinner night. .750ml or 1.5L current vintage and 13% alcohol by volume.
Manufacturer: LoDuca Brothers
UPC: 013148429725


Lo Duca Wicker Chianti. 13% alcohol by volume.  .750ml or 1.5L.  Lo Duca Chianti has blanched straw wrapped around these iconic bottles which served two purposes historically; easy-to-blow-over round bottles could now stand up straight, and the baskets added protection during shipping.  In short, fiaschi were cheap and easy- like most elements of early Chianti.

Chianti has come rushing back into fashion and now the retro straw bottles hold a much highter quality Tuscan Chianti.  Lo Duca Chianti is about showcasing the Sangiovese grape, which has fantastic, bright acidity and gives medium-bodied reds delicious cherry flavors.

Lo Duca Chianti DOCG is an approachable, easy drinking wine that has predominantly fruity and floral aromatics, with hints of spice and hazelnut.  Tasting profile; On the palate, our Chianti is soft with a medium body and nice balance, displaying pleasantly fruity characterictics.  Lo Duca uses a red checker table cloth label as a 'Tip of the Hat' to all those retro Italian American pizza joints!

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