Lo Duca Malvasia Dolce

Lo Duca Malvasia Dolce IGT. Sweet, sparkling, white wine from Emilia Romagna, Northern Italy. Champagne Cork. Serve chilled.
Manufacturer: LoDuca Brothers
UPC: 013148435191


Lo Duca Malvasia Dolce IGT is a sweet sparkling wine by Lo Duca Brothers. This white wine is effervescent with refined personality and character. It is produced from the choicest Malvasia grapes from Emilia Romagna, Northern Italy. It is a low alcohol option with a soft, refreshing flowery bouquet and a well-balanced natural sweetness of grapes. Serve chilled.

In America this grape is a little more rare. It is recently used as a desert or a chilled drink on its own. It is a beautiful fun alternative; a hidden gem of Northern Italy. If you can find it, take it home!

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Size.750 Liters